Convincing Results.

The results that Krehl & Partner achieves for its clients are the benchmark. The cases presented here will allow you to gain insight into how solutions are realized and anchored in your company sustainably. And what’s more, they will also help you determine how much you can benefit from them. The examples represent just a small part of our wealth of experience with more than 3,500 projects.


BEUMER E Tray Sorter

Beumer Maschinenfabrik - Value Analysis in Plant Manufacturing Optimization of Installation and Initial Start-Up


ECHTERMANN - Pre Rinse Spray Unit

Case Study on a Value-Analysis Project for a Pre-Rinse Spray Unit


Shuttle XP Vertical Lift

Kardex Deutschland GmbH When Cost Optimization Is No Longer an Option – Increasing Value through Value Management


Mahlo - The value-analytical development of a generation of textile machines – The importance of having a methodological approach, even during the implementation phase of a value-management project

Alongside aiming to significantly reduce production costs, an important project goal was to develop a new generation of machines whose properties will correspond to customer requirements over the next ten years.



OBO Bettermann - Relatively simple products for electrical installations


Controller ILC1xx

Phoenix Contact - Value Management in automation technology success with holistic approach


Value Analysis Revision and Cost Reduction on a Laboratory Fume Cupboard - Winner of the VDI Innovation Price Value Analysis 2015

Waldner - Value Analysis Revision and Cost Reduction on a Laboratory Fume Cupboard


Omission of adhesive dots

W.E.T. Automotive Systems AG - Efficiency of resources in the automotive suppy industry practical application in the Value Analysis