The origins of Value Analysis

Like everywhere else after World War II, there were production bottlenecks and material shortages in American industry in 1947. Due to this, the General Electric (GE) company was forced to substitute part of its raw materials, which led to both technical improvements and lower costs. In order to use this knowledge, GE specifically looked for measures that increased the value of products.

Thanks to Prof. Hermann Krehl, who had learned about Value Analysis from US pioneers and users of the method at Bosch, where he worked at the time, Value Analysis came to Germany. He recognized the importance of this methodical approach for the German economy and in 1969 founded the management consultancy Krehl & Ried in Karlsruhe, which was later renamed Krehl & Partner. Hermann Krehl retired from the management of Krehl & Partner at the end of 1998.

Krehl & Partner: The Value Manager

Today, Krehl & Partner is successfully managed by the following three general managers:

  • Philipp Blattert, born in 1962, Dipl.-Ing., with Krehl & Partner since 1996
  • Dr. Marc Pauwels, born in 1966, Dr.-Ing., with Krehl & Partner since 1999
  • Sebastian Meindl, born in 1970, Dipl.-Ing., with Krehl & Partner since 2004

A total of 19 industrially experienced Engineers and Employees support the projects in the Back Office in Karlsruhe.

Today, Krehl & Partner uses the holistic approach of Value Management. That does not mean, however, that the Value Analysis method is obsolete but rather that it has been developed further and enhanced with new procedures. The official DIN 69910 for Value Analysis was superseded by the new international standard EN 12973.