Developing good products and developing products well. Krehl & Partnercombines these two significant aspects. Our experts provide analytical support for your entire product portfolio as well as individual products.

The development of new and innovative products is and will always be the core task of a successful industrial firm. In order to do this, however, several decisive factors need to be taken into consideration, such as how to make optimal use of available resources, how to permanently shorten development periods and how to predict market success.

The consulting services for product development are part of the core competencies of Krehl & Partner, so you profit from our technical and business expertise. Krehl & Partner uses up-to-date management methods and product development strategies that are tailored to your individual requirements. This includes product value determination, the optimization of functions, a program for lowering manufacturing costs, and Value Management tools.

1. Maximize the selling price: Together with you as our customers, we compile measures to increase the customer benefits of your product. The results are optimum selling prices with an active pricing policy.

2. Maximize Quantity: Achieved either with marketing measures or with pricing.

3. Reduce variable costs: This is the lever that can be realized in the short term and is also the main starting point for classic Value Management. Optimized product costs offer the margin needed for pricing..

4. Reduce the fixed costs: This is the lever for the long term, for example, by changing the organizational structure or by optimizing the investments needed for projects.

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