Why Value Management and not Value Analysis? Value Analysis refers to lowering costs which, over the course of time, developed into the universal method for various tasks. Value Management comprises other areas and levels. For the most part, Value Analysis does not bridge to the key business figures or the organizational development, but stays more on the operational level. Value Management enables companies to elaborate on future challenges and evaluate present weak areas in order to formulate strategically correct project definitions. The Value Management model kit offers the various methods as tools in order to apply them in a targeted manner. Value Analysis is not replaced but rather combined with Value Management as a key method.

1. Reviewing corporate goals: Developing common objectives in a management workshop.

2. Identifying influencing parameters: Analyzing the balance sheet and earnings in order to identify value drivers.

3. Evaluating the effects and possibilities of optimization: Reviewing and prioritizing influencing parameters.

4. Interdisciplinary approach: Choosing a method and defining the controlling instruments.