Dr. Jürgen Kappler, R&D Manager

"In 2010, we carried out an extensive value analysis project with Krehl & Partner for the first time.

Krehl & Partner provided us with excellent support not only during the value analysis itself but also during the implementation that followed over the next several years.

Krehl & Partner’s support was not only methodical but also was characterized by remarkable practical knowledge as well as an ability to motivate and lead our team members with a positive, cooperative and fun way of working."

(Statements were translated by Krehl & Partner from German to English)



Stephan Paech, President

Value Engineering Project “Aluminium Furnaces“

"In 2013 we decided to start a value engineering project for our large aluminum furnaces. Being part of the ANDRITZ Group we reached out to colleagues from ANDRITZ AG and ANDRITZ Sundwig GmbH and they recommended the work of Krehl & Partner. After an initial meeting with Sebastian Meindl I decided to engage Krehl & Partner.

Just after we completed the project for the aluminum furnaces we started a second value analysis project for walking beam furnaces. Sebastian Meindl and Marc Pauwels were the moderators of our projects and kept our team motivated and on course throughout the project. Their list of tasks, value impacts and scenarios kept me appraised at any time during the project and helped our employees to stay focused." 

We are already planning the next value analysis project with another product of ours.


Peter Muhr, President & CEO

"For the past seven years, Bühler Motor has been working intensively and successfully with Value Management methods in both product development and in the context of CIP projects.

Value Management methodology can be used for defining target costs and reviewing the permanent production costs. At Bühler Motor, we, the management and the leadership team are very satisfied with the Krehl & Partner consultants. They not only address challenges but are also reliable partners with regard to follow-up and implementation."


(Statements were translated by Krehl & Partner from German to English)


Dr. Stefan Hallbauer-Filthaut, Managing Director

"All the team members worked on the project in a highly disciplined manner – much more so than they had in our internal meetings and projects. We see this as a benefit from working with Krehl & Partner because the employees did not want to embarrass themselves by admitting to having unfinished tasks in the team meetings or in front of the external moderator. The excellent templates provided by Krehl & Partner, such as the action list, are now used as standard drafts by many employees, both personally and in meetings. Without the support of the methods introduced by the Krehl & Partner experts, we would not have achieved such good results so quickly."

(Statements were translated by Krehl & Partner from German to English)


Armin Maes,Head of Strategic Purchasing, elexis AG and EMG Automation GmbH

"In 2008, we decided to depart from the conventional path taken by purchasing with regard to cost and process optimization and – after exhausting and applying nearly every other method known in industrial purchasing – head in a new direction. With Krehl & Partner, we were able to identify multiple projects with significant cost reduction potential, which we were then able to realize in the projects themselves. At the same time, we completed the step of implementing the value analysis method in the organization by way of strategic purchasing. With the support of Krehl & Partner, we were successful in installing a process alongside operating projects that ensured that our value analyzers, trained by Krehl & Partner, were able to gain practical experience with specialist leadership while simultaneously managing projects. Immediately following their training, our employees were guided and supported by Krehl & Partner within the context of their project management.

The value analysis method has found a long-term place in our organization without necessitating the addition of new positions and makes a significant contribution to cost reduction and process optimization."

(Statements were translated by Krehl & Partner from German to English)


Bernd Bok, Vice President Strategic Sourcing

“For many years now the HOMAG Group has successfully worked on a variety of product development projects with Krehl & Partner. During the course of this comprehensive product offensive, we always received a pragmatic, workable and method-based input from the experienced consultants. Especially in terms of procurement, it should be mentioned that we were brought into the interdisciplinary project work early on in the development phase and were therefore able to really utilize our expertise.

Innovative new products that will undoubtedly stand the test of time have arisen from the work with Krehl & Partner, which will support the company’s growth and earnings power in the years to come. In addition to the good results with the products, working together was also a lot of fun!”

(Statements were translated by Krehl & Partner from German to English)


Frank Wegener, Executive Vice President, Business Unit CNC Processing

"In 2013, Krehl & Partner began various product development projects and value analysis training sessions at the HOMAG Group. Using Krehl & Partner’s systematic work processes, we laid the foundations that would promote our company’s product development in a targeted manner. These developments included establishing new ways of enhancing customer benefit and reducing production costs. The result was a measurable improvement to our market position.

Krehl & Partner supported and advised us in our work processes and projects in an exemplary manner. We would like to thank them for this and commend them for their work."

(Statements were translated by Krehl & Partner from German to English)


Alois Schmid, Managing Director

"As part of a pilot project in 2015, we used value analysis for re-engineering a transfer equipment for liquid raw materials. With the interdisciplinary composition of the project team, the systematic approach following the working plan and, last but not least, the professional moderation by Mr. Hohmuth from Krehl & Partner, our estimates with regard to costs and customer benefit could be surpassed. We will return to the support from Krehl & Partner for future projects as well, in order to securely implement the value analysis process within the company."

(Statements were translated by Krehl & Partner from German to English)


Fritz P. Mayer, Shareholder, former Chairman of the Executive Board and current Member of the Advisory Board

“We have been working together with Krehl & Partner since 2005. As a global market leader for warp knitting machines, we represent a high standard of quality, yet still need to adapt to the increased price pressure. As a result of the joint value analysis project with Krehl & Partner, we were able to further consolidate our position on the market. Krehl & Partner not only supported us with their excellent methodical expertise, but their moderators left a lasting impression on our teams thanks to their empathic nature and individual enthusiasm for the products.”

(Statements were translated by Krehl & Partner from German to English)


German Stuis, Managing Director

"Motivated by the success of previous projects, we wanted to transfer the established principles to the largest assembly area, the Montage Inkjet VPI.

Teamwork on the “Optimizing the Montage Inkjet VPI” project was once again constructive and efficient, and I would like to thank Krehl & Partner for this. Using their valuable expertise, the moderators brought together into one team participants from various backgrounds, with different expectations and levels of hierarchy, and created enthusiasm for the project.

As well as delivering on targets, the project successfully acted as a tool for motivating employees, including those from operational areas, by providing them with new and challenging tasks.

We look forward to working with Krehl & Partner on more projects in the future."

(Statements were translated by Krehl & Partner from German to English)


Nikolas N. Koukountzos, General Manager at Kleemann Hellas SA

"Since 1983, KLEEMANN has designed and manufactured standard and highly customized lifts, focusing on high quality and demanding customers’ needs. In recent years the company has expanded into several countries with new manufacturing plants and subsidiaries. So, we have had to overcome new challenges related to inventory control and cost savings. After extensive research, we have entrusted KREHL & Partner to achieve our breakthrough goals.

Dr. Marc Pauwels and Mr. Carsten Hohmuth have motivated us to establish a strong team, which has generated ideas, created cost transparency, applied new methods and tools and invented a new method to design our products. Furthermore, working with them has also been fun. We are very confident that we will achieve our goals using the results of the project we have been running with KREHL & Partner.

We appreciate their commitment to the result, their innovative thinking, their high expertise and their ability to motivate their partners."





Feedback from the whole team

"The value analysis project made it possible to pursue ideas without expending energy dealing with internal hurdles. In particular, the interdisciplinary nature of the teamwork motivated people to have an open mind to different approaches. Different departments were eager to collaborate with each other in the team. The value analysis method will become an essential component of our work processes for successfully refining products. That?s why we recommend Krehl & Partner so strongly."

(Statements were translated by Krehl & Partner from German to English)


Wolfgang Schulz Head of Technology

"For me personally, the entire Value Analysis was a project from which I could learn a lot about the products, the market, the work processes, the flow of a Value Analysis and our own employees. And finally, I was able to get to know and appreciate Mr. Pauwels and Mr. Hohmuth as very competent and congenial partners."

(Statements were translated by Krehl & Partner from German to English)


Dr. Nikolas Stihl, Chairman of the STIHL Advisory Committee, Chairman of the STIHL Board

"Since 2000, we have been supplementing the teams of our major projects with external Value Engineering consultants who assume the role of facilitator. For first-class development work, you need the right partner and our first Value Engineering consultant had failed.

We have therefore been working with Krehl & Partner since 2002, primarily within the scope of Value Engineering for large projects, which has had great results. It is of great importance to work together with an experienced R&D consultant." (Source: Value Analysis Practice Conference, 2014)

(Statements were translated by Krehl & Partner from German to English)


Dr. Martin Habert, Managing Director / Division Hydraulic

“We are very pleased with the results of the joint project with Krehl & Partner – it is one of the most successful projects of its kind! We have even managed to carry over some of the aspects of ‘on the run’ to other projects. This project has shown us that changes in the direction of standardization, simplification and cost reduction are possible.”

(Statements were translated by Krehl & Partner from German to English)


Paul Jutzi, Director Technology Sulzer Mixpac AG

"In the organization and the introduction of a Lean Product Development process, it is important to implement a process that is adapted specifically for the company. Krehl & Partner’s specialists not only supported us with their expertise, they actively engaged the teams and inspired them.  We were thus able to embed the mental aspects of the concepts, which is the basis for the success of Lean Thinking."


(Statements were translated by Krehl & Partner from German to English)


Dr. Armin Funck, Member of Executive Board, Head of Production

“Krehl & Partner proved to be a skillful partner for our value analysis project. This was due to their methodological expertise, strong dedication and effectiveness in getting the job done. The teamwork was cooperative, based on mutual trust and successful. It was lots of fun for everyone involved, too. We are extremely satisfied with the project outcome and recommend Krehl & Partner to others.”

(Statements were translated by Krehl & Partner from German to English)


Dr. Andreas Göttker, Head of Production & Logistics

"The project carried out in 2015 was the second value analysis project for a complex coating plant that is used by our international customers when producing solar modules; the first such project having been completed several years earlier. The project with Krehl & Partner took six months in total and was completed on schedule with concepts that demonstrated possible cost-reduction potential on a scale that matched the ambitious aims. Our project team estimate that this success is due to the work of our external consultant and the methods implemented with regard to the following points:

  • Thorough appraisal of the market and competitive viewpoints
  • Creation of cost transparency for all involved
  • Work with functional costs
  • Room for the creative process of generating ideas within the team
  • Documentation of the decision-making process as well as the bundling of individual measures in realization concepts"
(Statements were translated by Krehl & Partner from German to English)


Center: Wolfgang Weimer, Head of Cost Engineering, Waldner Laboratory Systems (Photo: Daniel Loeb)

"Fume cupboards with side installation are a very important product for our success in international markets. Due to the cost and time pressures associated with this product, we decided to work with Krehl & Partner on a value analysis project.

The decision to approach this product through value analysis proved to be the right one both in terms of reducing costs and shortening development times. This achievement now allows us to offer a competitively priced product on the market, which provides benefits to the customer as well. These good results have prompted us to tackle other projects together. The facilitation and technical support provided to the entire team by Mr. Meindl and Mr. Hohmuth were an important part of this success. Waldner Laboratory Systems has now made value analysis an integral part of its process."


(Statements were translated by Krehl & Partner from German to English)


Dr. Jürgen Jakoby, Technical Director

"Although it was the first project where the Weiss Group used Value Engineering methodology, within five months it was able to develop three concepts to achieve a competitive advantage and fulfill its project goals. The team members said that “The project and teamwork during the Value Engineering workshops were some of the most intensive periods that we had ever experienced and we learned more than ever about our products.” The external consultants of Krehl & Partner helped our team to be more efficient – they were the driving force. As a result, we expect our future teamwork to be easier."


(Statements were translated by Krehl & Partner from German to English)


Dr. Samir Kedwani Head of Production

"For the first time, we carried out a Value Analysis project in cooperation with Krehl & Partner for our Euphrasia D3 Eyedrops. The goal was to identify the additional potential of our most important ophthalmological product. After an intensive and very lean analytical phase, we were able to identify additional cost reduction possibilities in the value added flow. Supported by the effective, motivating attitude and special expertise of Krehl & Partner, we quickly achieved the objectives for Weleda."

(Statements were translated by Krehl & Partner from German to English)